Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Gold Coast Show marred by dodgem car incidents burning children over weekend

THE future of popular dodgem car rides at the Gold Coast Show is up in the air after children were burnt and banged up over the weekend.

Police said two girls, aged eight, received burns while riding a dodgem car on Friday.

Another show goer claimed a young boy was left with a bloody nose from a separate dodgem incident on Saturday.

Crashing and bashing on the Dodgems are Simone Swain, 13, and Chloe Jackson from Parkwood.
Police attended the first incident­ at 7.30pm on Friday and said one of the girls was treated for an hour.


Workplace Health and Safety shut down Gill Bros Entertainment­ Dodgem Cars ride after the burns incident.
Workplace Health and Safety cleared the ride to reopen­ on Saturday morning.

It follows a similar incident last year involving dodgem cars when a boy was treated for an hour after he was burnt.

Dodgem Cars operator Jack Gill said the wick came off overhead netting when the car was bumped by another, causing a spark to fly and land on the car. The operators were ordered to extend the netting to allow the spin zone bumper cars for sale to keep operating over the weekend.

“It happens sometimes but the car doesn’t catch fire,” Mr Gill said. “The girls were fine and so was their mum. Last year it didn’t happen like that, it was just a spark. It’s just bad luck.”

In Saturday’s alleged incident, Currumbin Waters mum Ronnie Riley said a boy who looked about three — and who was well below the 100cm height limit — ended up with a bloody nose on the Nitro Dodgem Cars.

“His face was repeatedly smacked into the steering wheel,” Ms Riley said, adding a man who she assumed was the father was riding with him.

“He was screaming and crying and had a bloody nose and a busted lip but the bumper ride sales continued. While I believe the parent should have observed the restriction­ prior to taking him on the ride, both the ticket sellers and the entry supervisor allowed­ the toddler to enter and ride.”

A Nitro Dodgem Cars operator known as Wesley denied­ knowledge of the alleged­ incident.

Gold Coast Show organiser Lavinia Rampino said they would not have dodgem cars next year if Workplace Health and Safe recommended against it.

More than 60,000 attended this year’s Gold Coast Show and organisers said they were considering a rodeo for next year’s event.

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