Monday, January 4, 2016

Have the Time of Your Life at Theme Parks in Germany

When you look at the number and types of theme parks in Germany, you can plan one or battery operated bumper cars vacations based on these attractions alone. For those with a yen for off-roading experiences, you just have to visit the VW Autostadt Complex in Woksburg. Under the supervision of a qualified instructor you will learn how to navigate steps and water barriers and handle an off-road vehicle in hazardous situations. The younger visitors can also learn from this experience in the kiddie cars, which are electric and even take a children driving test.
Learn the tricks of the film industry when you spend the day at the Bavaria Filmstadt near Munich. You will appear on the set dressed in costume and be filmed from four different angles. You will see a hair raising stunt show and view computer animated thrillers as well as being able to see the sets of several popular German TV series.
In Leipzig, visit the Belantis Theme Park and take a daring plunge on the roller coaster in the Valley of the Pyramids. Some of the other thrilling pin zone bumper cars for sale include the Dragon Ride roller coaster and a gigantic swinging ship on the Explorer Coast. At this attraction, you can tour the Belantis Castle, take a journey with Odysseus on the ancient Mediterranean or take in a spectacular show.
Experience the merging of cultures in Rust when you spend some time at the Europa-Park. This is the largest of Germany theme parks and the one that receives the most visitors annually. It is located near the resorts of the Rhine and the borders of France and Switzerland. This is a Disneyland like theme park with something for everyone. Each year there are more attractions added so if your second visit will give you more thrills than the first. Through the attractions you can actually visit every country of Europe and there are many celebrations and festivals at different times of the year.
Near Stuttgart, you can have a thrilling experience at the Tripsdrill Amusement Park. Take part in a soapbox race or enjoy others of the more than 100 unusual attractions for visitors of all ages. This venue also has an animal park housing wolves, lynx and bears. Visitors can watch the keepers feeding the animals at scheduled times.
The Babelsburg Film Park in Potsdam brings the stunt sector of the industry to you in a dramatic way. Explosions, daring performances and many more performances will have you holding your breath in anticipation of the outcome. Enjoy the illusions created by moving seats and other special effects. At Dreamland you will meet the little tiger of Janosch and you may even be able to take in an actual filming of a movie or TV show.
Fort Fun and Panorama Park in Sauerland is another theme park that you just have to visit. Here you can fly over the theme park in a hang-glider at the speed of 70 kilometres an hour. There are thrills galore for all ages, such as taking a water bob ride or hurtle down the side of a hill on the Trapper Slider.
These are but a few of the thrilling experiences that await you when you look into what Germany has to offer in terms of theme parks.

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