Tuesday, January 12, 2016

IX Center Indoor Amusement Park boasts 61 rides including return of popular Crazy Mouse coaster

When the I-X Center Indoor Amusement Park throws open its doors on Friday for its Spring Break run, visitors will find a wide variety of rides.
The park is offering 61 rides and funhouse attractions this year.
The popular Crazy Mouse spinning roller coaster is making its return this year.
Since Cedar Point removed its wild mouse roller coaster several years ago, fans of this type of coaster have had to travel to Waldameer Park in Erie, Pa., to bumper car manufacturers  its Steel Dragon for similar thrills.
Hershey Park’s new attraction this summer will be a similar spinning indoor wild mouse attraction.
The Crazy Mouse coaster is a hoot to ride and is actually quite impressive given the traveling carnival nature of most of the rides in the indoor amusement park.
Another fairly impressive ride given the nature of the attractions is the Wild Water Ride — basically an old-fashion log flume dodgem bumper cars for sale.
The center’s two permanent attractions — the Soaring Eagle Zipline and I-X Giant Ferris Wheel — are not to be missed.
The following is a list of rides and fun house attractions in this year’s lineup. (* denotes extra fee)
•1001 Nachts
•Alien Adventure
•Alpine Funhouse*
•Barrel of Fun
•Bear Affair
•Bumble Bee
•Bungee Trampoline
•Crazy Mouse Spinning Coaster
•Deluxe Carousel
•Dizzy Dragon
•Dragon Wagon
•Eli Wheel / Kiddie Wheel
•Fire Chief
•Flying Dragoon
Frog Hopper
•Hampton Dune Buggy
•Haunted Mansion
•I-X Giant Ferris Wheel
•Jungle Jim*
Kiddie Swing
•Looney Belle*
•Mardi Gras*
•Movie Magic
•Orient Express
•Pharaoh’s Fury
•Quasar / Music Express
•Rabbit Racer
•Ring of Fire / Fireball
•Rio Grande Train
•Scooter/Bumper Cars
•Scooter/Bumper Cars II
•Soaring Eagle Zipline
•Spider Mania
•Starship 2000
•State Fair Slide
•Street Racer
•Super Shot / Shock Drop
•Tinsel Town*
•Tip Top
•Tubs of Fun
•Wacky Worm
•Wet Boats (Kiddie Water Ride)
•White Water Ride
•Zero Gravity/Whirlwind
The I-X Indoor Amusement Park is held at the I-X Center in Cleveland near the Cleveland Hopkins Airport.
Tickets to the indoor amusement park are $21.99 and $18.99 for children under 48 inches tall. Seniors are $9.99 on Saturdays and Sundays and free on weekdays. Discount tickets are available at Marcs.

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