Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fibreglass Car Body Kits - What Every Enthusiast Should Know When Buying One

Car body kits are a great way to provide uniqueness to your cars ride. There are many types of materials that can be used to fabricate them including fibreglass, polyurethane and carbon fibre. Out of those, fibreglass is the cheapest and most readily available hence being popular by many battery powered operated bumper cars with remote control enthusiasts.

What many enthusiasts don't realise is that it can cost them a lot more money than they intended to get the body kit to look nice on their vehicles especially if they have purchased a body kit that is poorly made. Poorly made ones, tend to require more time and labour in sanding and possibly remolding to make them look at an acceptable standard. This is the case with a large number of fibreglass car body kits that are on the market. Click this link:

When buying one a buyer should look for and remember the following:

1. Any signs of warp in the molds. Warpy body kits are very common in cheaper branded molds and typically ones distributed and made from China. Avoid these kits as much as possible.

2. For side skirts, how even they are relative to each other. Ideally, they should be a mirror image of each other.

3. For front and rear bumpers, how even they look each side if you were to cut them down the middle. Not getting this bit right can cost you a lot of money trying to cut and remold the bumper to your car.

4. How flat and smooth the surfaces are. It should be noted that the surface of fibreglass car body kits never come flat from factory and even when painted by the best spray painters never achieve a 100% flat and smooth finish like polyurethane and carbon fibre molds. However, to ensure the quality of the finish is close to 100%, buyers should look for a mold that is flat and smooth as possible. This can be done by holding the body kit up to a light source and seeing how the light bounces off the surface. A mold with a nice flat finish will show a uniform light pattern along it.

5. Ideally when buying, it is recommended to go to an actual store that sells them so you can see the initial and preferably final finished product on a vehicle so that you get an idea of the quality of the body kits. Also, if the mold doesn't fit your car properly, it will be far easier to return and exchange the product.

6. Avoid purchasing them online if you can. However, if you do please check the companies return policy.

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