Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Narcissistic Emotional Abuser, Roller Coaster, Scrambler, and Tilt-O-Whirls

Who knows where the saying, "They're on Cloud 9" ever came from? Why Cloud 9? Why not Cloud 13 or 14? With the narcissistic emotional abuser, the love trip in the initial stage feels much higher than a Cloud 9 could ever take you if a cloud could ever take you anywhere. For the sake of what's been commonly understood in American culture up to year 2011 that when a person is said to be on Cloud 9, let us understand it means they are in a state of euphoria. Euphoria being described as an emotional state where things could not feel better and a state from where a person would not voluntarily choose to depart. The initial stage of being in relationship with a narcissistic emotional abuser is one of euphoric feelings. Euphoria! Euphoria! Euphoria! Unimaginable euphoria! You feel like you are definitely and assuredly on Cloud 9!

The narcissistic emotional abuser has studied their prey so impeccably well that during the initial stage of the relationship, the victim, at this point, is so mesmerized their experience could be described as being on a type of hallucinogenic drug. The victim, at this point, is completely unaware of the game that is being played. They are literally "swept off their feet."

If you have never had this feeling, though it might sound inviting and exciting, it is truly something you never want to experience, at least in the realm of being involved with a narcissistic emotional abuser. Being "swept off your feet" you might question in disbelief? Yes, this emotionally does occur within the realms of being in relationship with a narcissist. Click this site: http://bestonbumpercars.com/ to know Beston group.

Let's establish that at this point in the game the victim is truly and descriptively a victim. A victim as described in the Encarta Dictionary is somebody who is tricked or exploited. As the relationship with the narcissistic emotional abuser continues the victim moves into a different role. But for now, and the purpose of clarity, let us refer to the prey as victim. Click this link to know more.

The victim acts as if singing, "Merrily we go along, go along, go along. Merrily we go along..." until they realize they've been taken into a circus. This circus is complete with one Ferris wheel, roller coasters, scramblers, tilt-o-wheels, and plenty of sideshows. The one romantic Ferris wheel ride is just beginning to be seen in the distance behind now becoming further and further away. The victim desires for a glimpse of a moment to go back to the smooth and predictable ride of the Ferris wheel, but has become a bit dizzy and shaken after coming off the roller coasters, scramblers, and tilt-o-whirls, so tends to the immediate needs created by those rides.

The roller coasters are analogous to the ups and downs of this new found relationship that has so suddenly changed from a playground to a crazy circus. The ups so high and exhilarating and the downs being so completely exhaustive and gut wrenching. The scramblers are analogous to conversations wherein the victim knows that they know their loved one said this or that, but when the victim questions a discrepancy is told that their memory is failing or the victim wasn't paying attention to the conversation. The tilt-o-whirls are analogous to statements or stories told to the victim that are found to be fabricated lies. A narcissist believes they are far above the victim in intelligence and expect their word should be taken as doctrine, so when the victim "merrily goes along" through life and then accidentally comes across a discrepancy, the victim's head goes a tad bit dizzy. Dizzy like when you initially step off a scrambler or tilt-o-whirl. The victim is not just riding one scrambler, one tilt-u-whirl or one roller coaster. They are being taken from one ride to another without ever a break. The narcissistic emotional abuser is having the time of their life. They have found someone with whom they can play. Why should they slow up now? The game is on!

The sideshows are what really bring the circus to life, however. The sideshows are analogous to the other interludes the narcissistic emotional abuser is carrying on all the while telling the victim they are the only one, that the victim is jealous and imagining things, that the others are just friends, blah, blah, and another blah.

In such a short time could we travel from Cloud 9 to Circus Life? Yes, for that is what it is like being in love with a narcissistic emotional abuser. Where do we go from here? Could it be to the lab of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

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